SIM-skin Pack

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What is included ?
  • FREE Bibitel sim-skin compatible with all sim types when you spend £15 or more
  • Registration card
  • FAQ Guide

1. Peel It

Peel back the cellophane to the dotted line. Place the sim card in the aligned slot and remove the protective layer from the sim-skin


2. Stick It

Stick the sim-skin onto your sim and rub firmly into place.


3. Use It

Put your sim back into your phone, restart your device and start making a call directly from your contacts.

The Bibitel sim-skin is a micro thin overlay. Once applied to a user’s existing SIM it allows cost-effective international, premium and non-geo number calling from your mobile - it can save you up to 98% on calls compared to other providers. Just peel it, stick it and use it!