Once you have placed your sim skin you need to register.

How to register your sim skin

  1. Make sure you do not withhold your number.
  2. Dial 0330 378 1285.
  3. At the Voice Prompt enter your Master PIN.
    (You can find this inside your starter pack)
  4. Hang up.

You will now be registered to bibitel and can start making your calls straight away. Just dial the international number directly from your handset.

You will hear a welcome message from bibitel telling you your current balance. If this message is not heard before the call connects then please hang up and call our customer services team on 0330 378 1178.

There are two ways to recharge your bibitel account:

  • Our website: You can login using your username (BibiNumber/Mobile Number) and password (Master PIN) and select the top-up account tab on the left hand side menu.
    Here you will see the options to top-up with Paypal or Worldpay (debit/credit card).

  • Paypoint: You can visit your local Paypoint shop and purchase a bibitel top-up voucher. Simply ask for a mobile top-up for bibitel and follow the simple instructions on the voucher.

    If your credit has run out and you try to make an international call don’t panic. The call will not go through your service provider. You will simply hear a message stating that your balance is zero and will be transferred to Customer Services.

We have found that sometimes some glue residue can be left on the sim skin which stops the sim making contact in your handset. Please remove your sim card from the handset while the sim-skin is attached and wipe with a dry cloth.

If the problem persists please call Customer Services.

Sometimes customers with an iPhone4s experience issues because of a software problem; the handset does not always recognise that the skin is there. We have found the only solution to this is to turn the phone off and on again and try to make the call. This is an issue we are currently working on and hope to have this resolved in the near future.

If you are experiencing this it’s probably because the card you have received is not activated or you have already registered your mobile/landline number, please contact support@bibitel.com or call us on 0330 378 1178.

If you have an account with bibitel, viewing your bill online is easy.
Just log into your account and click on the ‘manage my account’ tab.

You will be able to see your last 12 bills and business customers can access:

  • Itemised calls by number so you can reconcile and recharge if necessary
  • Download your calls so you can check your usage and see if you need to upgrade your plan
  • In addition you can see the following:
    • Your outstanding balance
    • Your monthly plan charges
    • Your current balance
    • Your payment due date

If you need to change any of your account details you can do this online or speak to one of our business advisers.

You will not be charged if your destination number is engaged or no one picks up. If you do not hear the Bibitel prompt stating your balance, you will be charged by your provider.

The simple answer is yes! Our technology does NOT store, interrogate your contacts or send anything to your phone. Our technology simply translates your dialled number into something our network can understand.

bibitel uses a UK Landline to access the network. This is free if you have a minutes bundle with your service provider. If you are using a PAYG sim card with no bundled minutes you will be charged for the whole conversation at the rate set by your service provider for a UK Landline.

You will need to order a replacement skin online. You can also use the pinless dial by calling 0330 378 2000 and proceed with your call after entering the pinless dial.

Depending on the type of handset you have and its operating system our icon may or may not appear in a logical place, with most handsets you can dial #99 send and this should trigger it to appear.

  • iPhone
    1. Open your Settings menu.
    2. Tap on Phone.
    3. The SIM Applications option is at the bottom of the list.
    4. You should now get access to a text-based menu.
    5. Features enabled by the carrier are listed here. Ours include checking our balance and toggling services on or off.
If you are using either a smart phone or feature phone then the Sim Applications option is normally within your app drawer.

Absolutely, we have provided the option for you to add many other numbers to the same account, just register the additional number in your customer portal and use 0330 378 2000 to access the service - it's that simple to get cheap calls on your mobile or landline when calling abroad.

Absolutely, our rates are comparable to calling these numbers from your BT landline, enjoy!

Yes. Any one bibitel account can have up to ten additional numbers. These can be both mobiles and landlines. Just log onto your account online and find the registered phones tab on the left hand side of the screen, here you will find an option for additional users.

Once you have Opted ‘IN’ to Auto Top-Up with


You will be provided with a Username and Password. For more information please visit http://www.worldpay.com/shopper

If the Bundle Minutes end during a call and you have no regular credit, the call will cease. If you have regular credit on your account, then this will be used.

*The Bibitel message does not announce your remaining Bundled Minutes.

Our procedures for dealing with customer enquiries is set out below and should you have any questions, please feel free to call customer services on 0330 378 1178.

How to log a complaint

By phone
Please call customer services on 03303781178
This line is open 9am-5:30pm to Mon – Fri, excluding public holidays

In writing by post
Our postal address is: The Business Centre, 1 Finway, Luton LU1 1TR

In writing by email

Please add 'Complaint' to the subject field of your email, and include your name and address, your mobile/landline and account number, a daytime contact number, and details of your complaint or problem.


Using a bibitel sim-skin is simple but if you do experience any problems, here is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have an additional question that is not answered here, our Customer Services team will be happy to help.

Some providers may offer the feature of 'Wi-Fi calling'.
If your phone has this option, to enable an international call through your Bibitel sim-skin you may need to switch the 'Wi-Fi calling' option to 'OFF'.

How to turn off Wi-Fi Calling

  1. Go to Settings, scroll down and select the Application icon.
  2. Select Phone and scroll down until you see Wi-Fi Calling – tap the box next to this.
  3. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm if you want to disable Wi-Fi Calling – tap OK.

Call 0330 378 2000 for pinless dial usage.

Calls made to 0800 / 0808, known as Freephone, will be free of charge. You will still hear the Bibitel prompt but you won't be charged.